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Our IVF Success Rates

The sucess of IVF is a result of many parameters. The younger a woman submitted to it is, the larger the success percentages are. Indeed, the lowest are the doses of medication which she will take, to produce more and of higher quality ovums and then, of course, embryos. Furthermore, important are the causes due to which the couple is not naturally fertile.

For all of us in Medimall IVF Clinic ensuring success for people who wish to bring to the world a child, is a matter of principle. That is why, since we began, we applied the most modern methods of IVF with the highest level of professionalism. From one success to the other, our reputation was spread by its own, making more and more couples to trust our services. So, today, the average of success in Medimall for IVF has surpassed 55%. Our efficacy is to us a source of pride and to you a reason of appreciation.