How easy can you get pregnant?

//How easy can you get pregnant?

How easy can you get pregnant?

Check your fertility now! Get the amazing application at your android tablet or smartphone and find out  instantly how easy it is for you to conceive according to your age and your AMH level.

This simple to use, but at the same time accurate application, gives you immediately after entering your age and your AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) level in pmol/l or ng/ml, your percentages of getting pregnant (please note the right measurement unit for avoiding misleading results).

The main concept of Pregnancy Probability application (available at Google Play Store for 1,89€), is to give women realistic pregnancy possibilities and make their decision based on their personalized percentages in the various methods that they might use to become pregnant.

The role of AMH to pregnancy

AMH is an hormone released by the granulosa cells in the follicles of an ovary during the follicular stage. AMH is considered as an extremely precise indicator for measuring a woman’s ovarian reserve*. That is why doctors use the AMH test to measure the amount of growing follicles in the ovaries. It is very normal for an older woman to have a lower AMH level. Women with many small follicles, typical in women with PCOS, usually have higher level of AMH. A test result of high AMH may indicate PCOS and is also used by fertility experts to determine excessive or poor response to ovarian hyperstimulation (hCG trigger shot/IVF preparation).

*“Ovarian reserve” is a term that estimates a woman’s chance for having baby using her own eggs. The main concept for the measurement of blood level of AMH to determine ovarian reserve is this: women with lower AMH level have a lower ovarian reserve than women with high AMH level. AMH is currently being used by fertility specialists to recognize women that might respond poorly to common medication protocols and directed them to the appropriate fertility method.

When is better to test your AMH

Early studies have proved that AMH levels do not show cyclic variation and unlike FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), can be measured any day during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, the levels are fairly constant and the AMH test can be done on any day of a woman’s cycle. Also, AMH level is not affected by birth control pills, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (e.g. Leuprolide acetate or Lupron) or pregnancy.

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