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Témoignages et cas de réussite

À Medimall, nous pensons que l’expérience est tout aussi importante que les résultats cliniques. Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous les histoires de quelques-unes de nos patientes parmi les milliers de femmes et de familles que nous avons aidées à ressentir la joie d’être parent.

« I had a successful effort through IVF in natural cycle and I got pregnant from the first time! »

– Eugenia Ziso

« In my first attempt of IVF in natural cycle I had two healthy boys. Even today I hold them in my arms, I cannot believe they are mine! »

– Labrini Ziso

« I had 20 In Vitro Fertilizations. After some years of efforts, I ended up to Medimall and I would recommend it to all women »

– Maria Chorou

« After two failed attempts of IVF I had, a friend of mine recommended to me Medimall where in my first attempt there was pregnancy! »

– Eleni Seitaridou

« 30 days ago we had two beautiful boys through IVF. I would like to thank Medimall, its doctors and the whole team which made us so happy »

– Jenny Dagari

« I’m totally satisfied and happy with the personnel of Medimall. Now I’m 6 months pregnant with IVF, I carry a girl and I hope everything will go well until the end »

– Foteini Diakoliou

« I am 9 months pregnant. For those women who face an infertility problem, I surely recommend the Fertility Centre Medimall »

– Elpida Eustathiou

« The whole IVF procedure and mostly the human approach of the doctor and the centre which were very close to us, is what greatly impressed me! »

– Ioulia Ropa & Family

« I had an extra-uterine pregnancy and it almost cost my life. After that we finally ended up with Medimall and I got pregnant on the first attempt with IVF »

– Konstantina Soufli

« The environment in which a woman will enter, plays a great role and in this whole IVF procedure there must be a nice place. In Medimall everything was perfect! »

– Maria Anastasopoulou

« I had my first IVF attempt & it was successful in my 42! I gave birth to a healthy girl. I’m very happy with Medimall & I would really recommend it to everyone! »

– Froso Tsachtsali

« We have watched on TV that Greece makes it easy and good with IVF. Greece is famous for its results in the field of IVF and the difference in cost. »

– Karen & Dimitri Giotie, US Citizens