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The pricing of our services is designed to give you the most accessible path to your health care and the recommended fertility treatment according to your needs.  We have packaged everything in our health and infertility check-ups, plus what is standard in each fertility treatment cycle, including monitoring scans and bloods, sedation at egg collection, egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. Everything else, such as medication drugs and advanced laboratory procedures, need to be customised just for you to highly enhance the chance of having baby.

At Medimall IVF Clinic our trustworthy patient-focused approach means that all our prices are clearly presented so that you have a transparent understanding of fees prior to the beginning of your treatment, with no hidden charges. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs before you start any treatment, thus, right from the beginning, you will know what you are likely to pay. We do have options for patients without insurance coverage that can make tests, treatments and consultation in special, more affordable price packages and in addition, we offer our 100% money back guarantee after unsuccessful IVF & IVF with egg donation, attempts. These refund programs are the ideal option for couples who wish to undergo IVF, but still worry that in case of failure they would not be able to afford any further attempts to have a child of their own. Our coordinator will be glad to answer your questions regarding costs, ways of payment and reimbursements.

Our aim is to do our best to ensure that the expense of our fertility treatments does not factor into your treatment decisions.