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Opinii și relatări ale reușitelor

În cadrul Clinicii FIV Medimall, considerăm să experiența este la fel de importantă ca rezultatele clinice. Suntem încântați să împărtășim cu dvs. câteva dintre poveștile pacienților noștri dintre miile de femei și familii pe care le-am ajutat să aibă copii.

„I had a successful effort through IVF in natural cycle and I got pregnant from the first time!”

– Eugenia Ziso

„In my first attempt of IVF in natural cycle I had two healthy boys. Even today I hold them in my arms, I cannot believe they are mine!”

– Labrini Ziso

„I had 20 In Vitro Fertilizations. After some years of efforts, I ended up to Medimall and I would recommend it to all women”

– Maria Chorou

„After two failed attempts of IVF I had, a friend of mine recommended to me Medimall where in my first attempt there was pregnancy!”

– Eleni Seitaridou

„30 days ago we had two beautiful boys through IVF. I would like to thank Medimall, its doctors and the whole team which made us so happy”

– Jenny Dagari

„I’m totally satisfied and happy with the personnel of Medimall. Now I’m 6 months pregnant with IVF, I carry a girl and I hope everything will go well until the end”

– Foteini Diakoliou

„I am 9 months pregnant. For those women who face an infertility problem, I surely recommend the Fertility Centre Medimall”

– Elpida Eustathiou

„The whole IVF procedure and mostly the human approach of the doctor and the centre which were very close to us, is what greatly impressed me!”

– Ioulia Ropa & Family

„I had an extra-uterine pregnancy and it almost cost my life. After that we finally ended up with Medimall and I got pregnant on the first attempt with IVF”

– Konstantina Soufli

„The environment in which a woman will enter, plays a great role and in this whole IVF procedure there must be a nice place. In Medimall everything was perfect!”

– Maria Anastasopoulou

„I had my first IVF attempt & it was successful in my 42! I gave birth to a healthy girl. I’m very happy with Medimall & I would really recommend it to everyone!”

– Froso Tsachtsali

„We have watched on TV that Greece makes it easy and good with IVF. Greece is famous for its results in the field of IVF and the difference in cost.”

– Karen & Dimitri Giotie, US Citizens