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“MEDIMALL” (here after “COMPANY”) has created the application to offer information and services to its users.

The application is subject to the present terms and conditions, which users are requested to read carefully and to conform to. The use of the application implies the unconditional acceptance of the preset term and conditions.

COMPANY may, for any reason and without prior notice, change these Terms. COMPANY will make all possible effort to indicate any changes in such terms with a notice on the home page. The continuing use of this application by users after the effective date of any changes in the Terms will be conceived as acceptance of such changes by the users.



1.1. COMPANY has no responsibility for actions by individuals or organizations, wherever such reside, as a result of direct or indirect information included or available in this application, regardless of whether such information is provided by COMPANY or another third party.

1.2. COMPANY does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, that the application’s context will be at all times up to date, secure, with no errors, will meet the users demands and that the results, which will emerge from its use will be reliable, accurate and with no errors.

1.3. All information contained in this application is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS RELEASED” basis. The use of information received or saved by or through this application relies exclusively on the judgment of the user and is his/her responsibility. The user accepts that he/she must evaluate the contents and that he/she is responsible for any risk that may be induced by the use of any contents.

1.4 The content of this application does not provide advice and it does not make any recommendations nor must it be considered as a suggestion for any decision or action, invitation for investment or generally for participation in shares or other securities of COMPANY. The actual results and developments may differ materially from any estimation; opinion or aspiration expressed in this application and the past performance of securities’ prices should not be considered a reliable indicator or future performance.



2.1. The copyrights of this application’s content, including, without limitation, all documents, files, texts, images, graphics and attachments included in it as well as the application’s general depiction, constitute trademarks of COMPANY unless stated otherwise, and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek EU and international law.

2.2. All product names mentioned in this application constitute trademarks of the COMPANY Group of Companies, except for trademarks indicated as owned by other companies.

2.3. COMPANY authorizes users to copy and print abstracts or documents from this application  (except for contents owned by a third party and defined as such) for non-commercial use on their side, given that any copy or abstract of such documents or pages obtained maintain all the copyrights or other ownership releases and any disclaimer included in such. Apart from this limited license nothing in this application should be interpreted as guaranteeing any other right or permission as regards to any copyright, patent or trademark of COMPANY or of any third party. All logos and trademarks of COMPANY may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of COMPANY.

2.4. Except if stated otherwise, the copy for commercial purposes, amendment or reproduction of part or whole of this application’s contents in any form, which is based on this application, and / or its contents, or its inclusion in other websites, electronic retrieval systems, is prohibited. No link in this application may be included in any other website without the prior written consent of COMPANY.



All information provided to COMPANY by the users of this application (including, but not exclusively, personal data, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, abstracts or other relevant data) is not considered confidential. COMPANY may disclose copy and use all or part of such information for any purpose without limitation. In no case will COMPANY prevent the use of such information for the objective of development, construction and promotion of its products.



4.1. Some of the contents of this application may be owned by third parties (i.e. articles, data or abstracts) or there may be hyperlinks that lead to websites owned by third parties, which have full responsibility (civil or penal) for the security, legality or reliability of their website contents and services, exclusive of any liability from COMPANY.

4.2. COMPANY cannot guarantee that users of this application have any right to use the contents owned by third parties and which are available on this application. Users must obtain the permission from the third party prior to the use or saving of such contents. The contents protected by copyrights cannot be altered nor can any author notice or copyright notice that appear in such, without obtaining the necessary consents in advance.

4.3. COMPANY provides such links for the convenience of its application users. COMPANY has no control on the websites owned by third parties or their contents, which can be accessed through this application or are available in it, and thus COMPANY does not support, finance, advise or in any event accept any responsibility for such websites or their contents.



The use of software downloaded by this application is subject exclusively to the judgment and evaluation of possible risks by the user, who must reassure that the software he/she downloads from this application to his/her personal computer is compatible with the computer and does not contain viruses.



COMPANY reserves the right to change or withdraw any part or the whole application at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective from the following time the user visits the application. Users of this application are not entitled to any indemnification due to the inability to use services offered by the application.



All questions should be sent by e-mail to the following electronic address info@medimall.gr.



COMPANY considers the safety of its users’ personal data very important and is responsible for the safeguarding of the confidentiality of all personal information provided to it.

The confidentiality policy defines the principles that regulate the use of personal data received. Whoever uses this application or is registered as a user of the services provided by COMPANY agrees with this use.

Users are requested to carefully read the confidentiality policy. Any dispute that may arise with the confidentiality policy will be subject to this policy, to the notice of data protection that is included in this website and in the terms of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

The confidentiality policy may change from time to time. Therefore we ask that it is regularly reviewed in order to reassure that users are aware of the most recent edition applied each time they visit the application.


8.1.1. Total Information: Jointly with many commercial organizations, information is gathered for the monitoring of this application’s use. During this procedure, recognizable personal data ARE NOT gathered. Normally, information regarding the number of visitors and the initial sector name of the Internet Service Provider is collected. This information is used to understand the use implemented by the visitor and may be shared with other companies and other third parties.

8.1.2. In cases where the user is required to fill in personal information in the corresponding fields, like email, username, password, and any other element asked by the application, the user explicitly agrees and accepts that they will be used by the COMPANY so the user can get answers when browsing the application and for future information on matters pertaining to the purpose and operation of the COMPANY.


At times, information may be distributed through e-mail or post as regards to products and services of the company and its business partners (i.e. information regarding latest news). If the user does not wish to receive such information, he/she can select not to by informing at any time via e-mail at info@medimall.gr.


Personal data of users are stored in a secure server, which is protected by an access code and a firewall. The company has security policies that aim at reassuring, as best as possible, the security and integrity of all information, including personal information.


Users reserve the right of articles 11 and 13 of L. 2472/97. According to the legislation on personal data protection, all users have the right to request access to their personal data, which are at the disposal of COMPANY and they may request the correction of any possible errors free of charge.


Cookies are small files sent by the website’s underlying software and are stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer. Sometimes cookies are created and transferred with the first registration on the website and are then used to specify the computer and the repeated access to the website without requiring a connection, thus accelerating the access to the website and information the user wishes to see. The majority of web browsers accept cookies, but a change in the browser’s setting may restrict the transfer.


This application refers to an adult audience. The company does not and does not intend to gather information from or relevant to children.


COMPANY may use the information it gathers and / or receives with the objective to avoid illegal activity or activities by those that threaten the network or pose a danger to the provision of the application.


COMPANY and its associates are open to feedback and questions regarding the confidentiality policy, by sending e-mails to the electronic address info@medimall.gr.



9.1. Your capacity as a user of this application is personal for yourself as an individual and thus you cannot share it with another individual. If you have been provided with a user name and / or an access code, you agree to guard such with safety as classified and you agree to (i) notify COMPANY directly as soon as you detect any non-authorized disclosure or use of your personal user name and /or access code and (ii) you are responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from this non-authorized use or disclosure.

9.2. You are responsible for the provision of all equipment needed to access the application and for all relevant charges of third parties (i.e. telephone charges and charges of Internet service providers).

9.3. You agree to use this application only according to the present Terms. In the case where the un-authorized use of this application on your behalf results in a loss or damage to any individual, which subsequently takes legal action against COMPANY, you agree to indemnify COMPANY for all losses and /or damages that emerge from such a claim.

9.4. As a user of this application, you undertake:

9.4.1. to use this application according to the written instructions, for which you will be informed from time to time by COMPANY and to not use this application for any purpose other than that for which it is provided according to the present Terms or as otherwise stated at times in COMPANY’ s releases or announcements.

9.4.2. to not act, during the use of this application, in your knowledge or involuntarily, contrary to any legal or regulative demands of any regulative authority that has jurisdiction on you or on any activity you undertake.

9.4.3. to not use this application to make non-authorized efforts to access COMPANY’s systems or networks of third parties.

9.4.4. to not use this application to conduct business activity or other activities or to contribute to activities that are prohibited by the law.

9.4.5. to not use this application to transfer any material that is compromising, offensive or threatening or which violates third parties’ rights, or that intends to provoke disruption, harassment or unnecessary concern to any third party, or to send messages that you know are false or to use this application for such purposes.

9.4.6. to directly inform COMPANY regarding any claim or action of any kind against you for any use of this application and following a request by COMPANY, to immediately cease the action for which the charge  was made, and

9.4.7. to directly inform COMPANY regarding any changes that affect your registration data. It is your obligation to reassure that your registration data are up to date.



If any article of the above terms is considered as non-applicable, it will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms.

These Terms represent the overall agreement between every user and COMPANY and governs the access and use of the application by users. These Terms prevail against any other written agreement between every user and COMPANY in relation to the use of this application.

These Terms are interpreted according to Greek Law. For any dispute arising between the user and the company, the qualified courts are of Athens.